Quarry Project – Vermont

Quarry Project Tape 1 2009_02_22_08_51_02 020My body of work concentrates on the post-industrial landscapes of abandoned marble quarries in Vermont and most recently, Tennessee. As nature reclaims what man once created, these ruins retain a sublime beauty all their own. I have documented and researched these sites for over a decade, collecting video, archival images, photos, and oral histories about the quarries. The Vermont Project includes mixed media prints , carved marble sculptures, and a collaboration with Judd Mulkerin (see video link below), creating immersive installations of sound, image and light in the quarries.

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The Quarry Project in the media:

“SculptFest Celebrates Generations”
Rutland Herald – September 11, 2014
by Erica Housekeeper

“Portrait of the Artist: Kate Katomski”
Poughkeepsie Journal – July 10, 2014
by Barbara Gallo Farrell

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